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Brian Zang

Brian Zang absolutely loves sales. His focus is on optimizing employee productivity and organizational structure to achieve maximum performance. In his most recent role, Brian helped ShopKeep grow from less than 1M in ARR to over 20M in three years. He is now the CRO at Ringio where he is helping the team deliver software that makes it easier for salespeople to generate revenue. As a customer of Ringio at his previous company, Brian experienced first-hand the power of Ringio's technology. He loved the Ringio platform, and joined the team to help more businesses see the benefits.
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Recent Posts

[New eBook] 10 Critical Factors To Improve Your VoIp Network

By Brian Zang | 4/27/16 6:09 PM

Download our free guide to learn the 10 critical factors that every IT leader needs to ensure optimal VoIP quality. 

Learn how to:

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Sales Call Coaching Strategies to Crush Your Numbers

By Brian Zang | 4/15/16 11:55 AM

If you have salespeople directly reporting to you or if you are in a training capacity, the most important part of your job is coaching and developing the skills of your people.  This is a proactive investment of your time to improve your team’s performance in the future. Coaching today produces better results tomorrow.  

Consistently coaching produces consistently better results and creates those wonderful charts that go up and to the right.  So how do you actually coach on calls?  

Coaching via Live Calls

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[New eBook] The High Performance Sales Playbook

By Brian Zang | 4/1/16 4:50 PM

In our eBook, you will learn:

  • How to create a sales culture focused on constant execution and improvement.
  • How to build the right compensation plan for your sales team.
  • A 7-step process to building the perfect sales process.

Download the High Performance Sales Playbook.


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Time Management for Sales Leaders

By Brian Zang | 3/24/16 3:49 PM

What does a sales leader at a 1000 person company selling enterprise solutions to the Fortune 500 have in common with a startup sales leader trying to build a sales process from scratch? 24 hours.

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How to Handle Objections and Win Business

By Brian Zang | 3/17/16 1:59 PM

What's the best way to handle objections? Creating a sales process that kills objections before you ever hear them.

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A 5 Step Framework for Transforming Sales Team Performance

By Brian Zang | 2/16/16 12:10 PM

As a leader you are going to have to learn how to change people’s behavior.  It’s a really difficult skill to learn, but once you master this five step process you can get people to do whatever you want.  To put how powerful this can be into perspective here is an awesome quote on leadership from Dwight D. Eisenhower: “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it."

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5 Steps for Cold Calling Success

By Brian Zang | 2/9/16 3:27 PM

Earning your living selling can be a tough business.  Sales is full of rejection so you must have a thick skin and prepare for it as even the best salespeople are getting rejected a majority of the time.  

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The 7 Inside Sales Metrics That Matter

By Brian Zang | 1/26/16 12:40 PM

For an Inside Sales Leader of a team that primarily makes outbound calls, there are ultimately 7 metrics that matter.  Focusing on these will help you consistently move the needle and drive consistent revenue growth for your organization.  

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