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Michael Heyman

Recent Posts

6 Things You Need to Zero In On When You're Selling to Small Businesses

By Michael Heyman | 9/14/16 9:00 PM

Small businesses (SMBs) can represent an amazing opportunity for sales orgs.

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Selling to SMBs vs. Enterprise: 3 Key Differences

By Michael Heyman | 8/30/16 3:51 PM

The traditional image of the small business isn’t accurate because it’s one-sided. Yes, many SMBs are mom and pop operations that will stay that way, or they serve their town, employ 50 people and will only grow if the town does. But SMBs also employ 4 in every 10 tech workers. And they’re increasingly aware that tech is important to their business, even if they’re not in a tech space themselves. Growth-oriented SMBs hungry for the tools to succeed are a fantastic opportunity for tech companies.

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What You Should Know Before You Decide on a VoIP Phone System

By Michael Heyman | 8/23/16 1:00 PM
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is most business’ phone system of choice. VoIP phone systems can save businesses hardware and infrastructure costs, and accelerate business processes, especially sales.
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4 Sales Lessons From My Mentors

By Michael Heyman | 8/3/16 2:26 PM

As I was preparing to bring on a new associate, I was trying to think of the best advice I could give him to get off to a fast start. I wanted to provide him with a “magic bullet” that would instantly hook every prospect he speaks with. Despite my best efforts a “magic bullet” doesn’t quite exist, but what does exist are the core principles I strive everyday to perfect. Throughout my relatively short career I have been lucky enough to have mentors guide me through the constantly evolving business landscape. I have put together the best pieces of advice they have ever given me into four core segments: simplicity, understanding, education, and listening. Depending on your product/business these may not perfectly align, but hopefully they provide an interesting perspective.

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