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Osman Sheikh

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How To Build A Successful Sales Team (Video Interview)

By Osman Sheikh | 5/16/16 3:36 PM

Our Chief Revenue Officer, Brian Zang, recently sat down with Umar Hameed of No Fear Selling for a live interview on building successful sales teams. This 30 minute interview is packed with actionable insights on hiring and managing sales teams. 

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What Salespeople Really Want From CRM

By Osman Sheikh | 4/28/16 5:06 PM

The CRM is the data warehouse where every customer touchpoint should be stored and key insights about your customers and potential customers should be kept.  When done properly this data can be analyzed to increase customer happiness and can serve as the fuel for Sales and Marketing teams to accelerate growth.  

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5 Steps To Generating More Leads From Your Content

By Osman Sheikh | 4/11/16 10:13 AM

Content marketing is easy right? You write a basic blog post, hit publish, share it on social media and your email list, and then just watch the leads roll in. Unfortunately, that's rarely how it works. This strategy might generate a few leads at first, but eventually your lead generation efforts will flat line. With so much content being created everyday, you need to create a content strategy that stands out above the rest if you really want to ramp up your lead generation efforts.

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3 Reasons Your Team Needs Call Disposition

By Osman Sheikh | 3/8/16 11:31 AM

Sales reps hate logging data to their CRM because it takes time away from what really matters: selling. The thing is, your CRM is completely useless if your team doesn't consistently log every bit of important data. So while taking the time to update fields in your CRM can seem like a time suck, it's completely necessary. That's where call disposition comes in.

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Sales Books You Need to Read: From Impossible to Inevitable

By Osman Sheikh | 2/23/16 8:53 PM

Aaron Ross' book, Preditctable Revenue, completely changed how startups think about and execute sales. You would be hard pressed to find a successful SaaS salesperson or executive who hasn't read it. It is not a stretch to say that Predictable Revenue singlehandedly changed the perception of cold calling from a a traditional "smile and dial" process into the systemized, multi-channel, and data-driven process it is today.

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3 Strategies for Hitting Your Sales Goals

By Osman Sheikh | 11/9/15 11:36 AM

Struggling to hit your sales goals? Turning it around might be as simple as making a few small changes to your process. As always, it's easy to set goals, and more difficult to lay out a path to achieving them. But that shouldn't stop you. To establish consistent success in reaching your sales goals, you need a clear plan, a culture of accountability, and a team that's willing to set aside distractions to focus on the real work. Get started with our 3 simple strategies for reaching your sales goals and improving performance.

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4 Challenges of Building a Sales Prospecting Program

By Osman Sheikh | 11/2/15 11:13 AM

Is your sales prospecting program failing to deliver on your goals? If so, it's probably not for lack of effort. We all invest time and resources in generating new business, but improving performance often starts with taking a fresh look at your process. What are your biggest prospecting challenges, and what tactics have you tried to overcome them? Ahead, we'll cover 4 big challenges – and solutions – to improve prospecting performance.

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5 Steps to Better Sales Pipeline Reviews

By Osman Sheikh | 10/26/15 9:00 PM

Your sales pipeline reviews should be a tool to improve productivity, both during the meeting itself and out in the field. The challenge, as with any meeting, is getting the most out of the limited time that you are able to spend as a group. We've got 5 tips to help you get the most out of your reviews, and keep your sales pipeline running strong.

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Why Your Sales Demos Are Failing

By Osman Sheikh | 10/19/15 1:54 PM

Sales demos are a great opportunity to make an impression, but they can also be a major time drain when things go wrong. 

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7 Salesforce Integrations to Accelerate Sales Productivity

By Osman Sheikh | 10/12/15 12:49 PM



1. Email Tracking & Automation

Email tracking will let you know when prospects open your email and how they interact with the email. What links are your prospects clicking? Are they opening emails on mobile or in the office? All of this information can be found by tracking your sales emails. Email tracking and automation tools like ToutApp also give you data on how effective your emails and email templates are, log emails as Salesforce acitvities, and schedule follow up emails. 

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