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Sam Aparicio

A widely recognized thought leader in the areas of usability, interface design and software innovation, and an entrepreneur at heart, Sam is a frequent speaker at technology events and author of numerous articles on technology, product design, and management. Sam drives Ringio’s strategy and tactics, customer and revenue acquisition, marketing, and product management. Prior to Ringio, Sam was the CTO at Angel.com, where he was responsible for the company’s technology strategy and the design, implementation and launch of its award-winning CX platform.
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Recent Posts

4 Pro Tips for Selling to Inbound Leads

By Sam Aparicio | 12/30/14 7:00 AM

Inbound marketing has increasingly become the predominant source of sales leads for most companies. HubSpot's 2014 State of Inbound Marketing found that more than 50% of sales professionals identified inbound lead sources such as email marketing, social media, SEO and blogging have become more important over the past six months. This tracks with research from the buyer side that shows that the average buyer completes 57% of their sales process before ever contacting a sales person. For industries like software and SaaS, inbound leads can make the difference between failure and success. 

So if you're like most of us and depend on inbound leads to feed your sales machine, here are 4 pro tips for selling to inbound leads.

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4 New Year's Resolutions for Sales Teams

By Sam Aparicio | 12/22/14 9:35 AM

Out with the old, in with the new. This is the time of year when sales teams reflect on what worked and what didn't in the previous year and set course to crush their numbers next year. Not to mention trying to close those last few deals before the year ends. So in the spirit of the season, here are 4 New Year's resolutions for sales teams to make sure they have a productive 2015.

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5 Ways To Win Big With Sales Technology

By Sam Aparicio | 12/18/14 7:28 AM

Sales technology is a powerful tool, but it's not automatic. There are a few key concepts you'll want to put into action if you plan to unlock the full potential of your sales tech platform. In that way, it's like most other tech-based tools. Give a smartphone, without instructions, to someone who's never used one before, and you may as well be handing them a very expensive hockey puck.

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Onboarding Sales Reps: It's Not as Difficult As You Think

By Sam Aparicio | 12/15/14 9:30 PM

Succeeding as a new salesperson is no easy task. It's always been a field with high turnover rates, and part of that is the nature of the work. Even intelligent, capable hires will sometimes decide the demands of closing deals don't suit their personality. Too often, though, the high turnover rate for new salespeople is used as an excuse.

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5 Sales Statistics You Should Know for 2015

By Sam Aparicio | 12/11/14 11:08 AM

It's almost time to put 2014 in the books, and it's been an eventful year in the marketing world. If there's one big takeaway from the last 12 months, it's that we're living in a golden age of statistics. This is great news for curious people, regardless of the topic of interest. In the data-driven world of digital marketing, keeping up with numbers is a downright necessity.

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4 Must-Have Features for a B2B Calling Platform for Sales Teams

By Sam Aparicio | 12/9/14 1:09 PM

Despite the fact that technology has enabled the transfer of control to the buyer for many aspects of the sales process, outbound calling is still a crucial factor to closing deals. The primary difference between today's B2B sales process and the old way of doing this is that sales reps engage with buyers much later in the sales cycle. The Corporate Executive Board found that the average buyer completes 57% of their sales process before ever contacting a sales rep. Rather than cold-calling potential prospects who may or may not be contemplating a purchase, today's sales rep is responding to inbound leads who are generally educated on their problem and the options they have to solve it.

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How to Sell to the Baby Boomer B2B Decision-Maker

By Sam Aparicio | 12/4/14 8:19 AM

The Baby Boomer generation is iconic in the United States for cultural reasons, but it's also a very important sales demographic. Members of the boomer generation were born from 1943 to 1960, though the exact range is up for debate. That means most boomers are between 54 and 71 years old, in 2014. In other words, boomers are in the prime age range to be B2B decision-makers.

The first thing to know when selling to boomers is that they're not all the same, even if pop culture sometimes portrays them that way. As with any other broad group of people, you need to consider each potential sale on an individual basis. Still, there's a shared history and some relatively common traits that will help you understand how to convert individual boomer B2B decision-makers.

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New To Sales Management? Here's What You Need to Know.

By Sam Aparicio | 12/2/14 7:00 AM

Sales management is hard work, but it's also very rewarding. It's not a passive management position, and you're not a placeholder. The decisions you make and the methods you use to manage your team make a real difference in their performance.

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3 Social Selling Tips Your Sales Team Needs to Know

By Sam Aparicio | 11/25/14 9:16 AM

Social selling is a unique challenge, and a great opportunity. At first glance, the biggest challenge might appear to be how quickly trends change on social. Each social site is it's a unique little ecosystem, with it's own trends, community etiquette, and niche demographics. Appearances can be deceiving, though. While it is certainly important to understand the core values and personality of the social channels you use to sell, it's not as if you need to become a different person on each channel you use.

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5 Ways to Set Your Sales Team Up for Success

By Sam Aparicio | 11/21/14 8:36 AM

Are you familiar with the old axiom that it takes a village to raise a child? Well, it takes a village to make a sale, too. Sales is a team sport. There's nothing wrong with some healthy competition amongst team members, but you don't want sales teams to forget that they are ultimately working toward the same goal.

In our sports metaphor, you're the coach. You set the tone for your team in terms of overall strategy and mission. You manage personalities, and provide the tools your team needs to succeed. In doing so, you find ways to keep team members working together, without sacrificing individual drive. It's a tall order, but you're up to the task. Follow these five tips for sales team success, and you'll be off to a great start.

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