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Sales Call Coaching Strategies to Crush Your Numbers

By Brian Zang | 4/15/16 11:55 AM

If you have salespeople directly reporting to you or if you are in a training capacity, the most important part of your job is coaching and developing the skills of your people.  This is a proactive investment of your time to improve your team’s performance in the future. Coaching today produces better results tomorrow.  

Consistently coaching produces consistently better results and creates those wonderful charts that go up and to the right.  So how do you actually coach on calls?  

Coaching via Live Calls

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5 Steps for Cold Calling Success

By Brian Zang | 2/9/16 3:27 PM

Earning your living selling can be a tough business.  Sales is full of rejection so you must have a thick skin and prepare for it as even the best salespeople are getting rejected a majority of the time.  

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4 Calling Concepts Every Sales Manager Should Know

By Osman Sheikh | 7/27/15 3:52 PM

When working to build up the calling skills of your reps, robust, reliable feedback is vital.

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4 Ways to Develop Your Sales Messaging

By Osman Sheikh | 7/15/15 9:00 PM

Language is important in sales, but it's also easy for sales messaging to get lost in the shuffle.

The truth is that choosing the right words can make all the difference in how a prospect perceives your products, sales reps, and company as a whole.

Using the right sales messaging at the right time can change the trajectory of a conversation. Optimizing your messaging doesn't have to be a headache, either. Follow our four simple, effective tips for better sales messaging to get started on the right path.

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Startup Sales: Don't Make These 3 Cold Calling Mistakes

By Osman Sheikh | 6/29/15 9:00 PM

Originally published on CloserIQ Blog and written by Alicia Anderson.

When attempting to acquire new customers, there are many common mistakes that startup salespeople stumble upon that make it even more difficult for their client to understand what they have to offer.

Below are three such cold calling mistakes — unrefined positioning, speaking in convoluted jargon, and talking a big game — and how you can avoid them whether it be via email or a phone call.

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7 Tactics for More Effective Sales Voicemails

By Osman Sheikh | 5/7/15 11:36 AM

Leaving sales voicemails should be easy, right?

Unlike most sales activities, you've got time to prepare. You don't have to worry about anyone derailing your train of thought with an off-the-wall question or objection. All you have to do is wait for the beep, and speak confidently for a few seconds.

Then you sit back and hope your prospect is interested enough to call back. Unfortunately, most of the time this won’t happen. Most sales voicemails get deleted, but with a little though and practice, you can make each voicemail count.

Here are 7 tactics you can use to make your sales voicemails more effective.

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How to Test Your Sales Scripts for Higher Conversions

By Osman Sheikh | 3/18/15 9:00 PM

Is your sales call script delivering the results you expect? If not, do you know why?

Even if your team is tearing it up on the phone, ther

e's always room for improvement. The challenge comes in identifying reliable methods to test your sales call script. A skilled sales team can make a flawed script look good, just as a struggling team can take the luster off an otherwise excellent script. You're looking to analyze the script itself, not the person reading it.

A/B testing is a natural first place to turn, given its prevalence in sales and marketing analysis. Quantitative analysis is difficult in this case, however, because you simply can't test your sales call script enough to generate a statistically significant sample. Testing a script just isn't as tidy as testing a new web design feature or logo tweak.

If you want to analyze your sales call script effectively, you're going to need to dig a little deeper.

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Cold Calling is dead.

By Sam Aparicio | 3/7/14 5:39 PM

Cold calling is dead. Long live Cold Calling 2.0! 

At Ringio we're big fans of Aaron Ross's seminal book: Predictable Revenue. Aaron, who was instrumental in growing Salesforce.com's revenue to $100M articulates how to build a build a high performance sales team for a SAAS business.

One of his key tenets is that cold calling is dead. What he means by that is that, if your team of closers is calling complete strangers that have never heard of your company to pitch them, you are wasting their time. In fact, you may be using your most expensive resource on the least valuable selling activity of all.

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