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Selling to SMBs vs. Enterprise: 3 Key Differences

By Michael Heyman | 8/30/16 3:51 PM

The traditional image of the small business isn’t accurate because it’s one-sided. Yes, many SMBs are mom and pop operations that will stay that way, or they serve their town, employ 50 people and will only grow if the town does. But SMBs also employ 4 in every 10 tech workers. And they’re increasingly aware that tech is important to their business, even if they’re not in a tech space themselves. Growth-oriented SMBs hungry for the tools to succeed are a fantastic opportunity for tech companies.

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How to Research Your Sales Leads & Prospects in 15 Minutes

By Osman Sheikh | 7/13/15 3:19 PM

Preparation has always been one of the big keys to success in sales.

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4 Sales Outreach Hacks That Will Help You Stand Out

By Osman Sheikh | 6/24/15 9:00 PM

When everyone is using the same tactics, how do you create outreach that outshines the competition? Turns out you'll need to use both old and new tactics to make your message stand out.

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Page and Add Your Prospects

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with your prospects, especially if you deal in professional products or services.

Before you start adding prospects, make sure that your LinkedIn page is optimized for sales. We're talking about prospects you have little or no connection to prior, so it's important that they can easily understand who your are, what you do, and what you have to offer. It's worth the effort.

Once you're in your prospect's network, you can contact them directly on LinkedIn, and gain name recognition when contacting the prospect through other channels like email or over the phone.

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8 Actionable Ways to Use LinkedIn for B2B Sales

By Osman Sheikh | 5/13/15 4:45 PM


LinkedIn is the world's 4th most popular social network. As a professional social network, LinkedIn is the most popular among salespeople. Using Linkedin, you can generate more leads and referrals, build a personal brand in your industry, and do more targeted prospecting. 

Here are 8 actionable ways for you to use LinkedIn for B2B sales. 

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6 Sales Prospecting Mistakes Beginners Make

By Osman Sheikh | 4/21/15 12:48 PM

Building a sales prospecting program from scratch is anything but easy.

While there are a lot of tools available to make things simpler, chances are you’ll still make a few mistakes along the way.

Here are 6 common mistakes from my experiences building a sales prospecting program and being on the receiving end of prospecting emails.

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Converting Inbound Sales Calls into Closed Leads

By Osman Sheikh | 4/13/15 9:00 PM
Inbound calls are among the top source of qualified leads.

If a lead calls you, they've probably worked their way through your funnel and have an interest in buying from you.

That doesn't mean all of the work is done, however.

How you handle the lead’s inbound call will often make the difference in whether they decide to do business with you, or move on to another option.

Are you ready to pick up the phone, engage your new lead, and close the deal?

Here are a few tips for converting more inbound calls into sales.
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Building HubSpot's $100 Million Sales Team: Part 1 - Hiring

By Sam Aparicio | 3/3/15 9:00 AM

sales-acceleration-twitter-image-1_1-1.pngYou've heard that making sales is “an art, not a science.” It's a popular cliché, especially when someone's trying to explain a failed decision in retrospect. When someone trots out that line, what they're usually saying is that “it's probably a science, but I haven't figured it out yet.”

Enter Mark Roberge, MIT grad, current Chief Revenue Officer at Hubspot, and the man who's here to tell us that building a winning sales team really is a science. Before he took over as CRO, Roberge was Hubspot's SVP of Worldwide Sales and Services, presiding over the company's rise from startup to $100 million revenue-generating giant and challenging conventional wisdom at every turn.

In his new book, The Sales Acceleration Formula, Roberge lays out his thoughtful, data-driven approach for developing a sales team that delivers exceptional results. Here's a hint: It all starts with hiring the same successful person, again and again. 

Read part 1 of our series on Mark Roberge's new book below. Come back or subscribe to our blog to get notified when part 2 is published!

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Sell More With Fewer Leads - Lead Qualification 101

By Sam Aparicio | 1/8/15 7:00 AM

What is a good lead, really? It's a deceptively simple question. This isn't just a theoretical question, either. The quality of your leads directly influences the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team. Basically, you don't want to waste time chasing unqualified leads with low odds of success.

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4 New Year's Resolutions for Sales Teams

By Sam Aparicio | 12/22/14 9:35 AM

Out with the old, in with the new. This is the time of year when sales teams reflect on what worked and what didn't in the previous year and set course to crush their numbers next year. Not to mention trying to close those last few deals before the year ends. So in the spirit of the season, here are 4 New Year's resolutions for sales teams to make sure they have a productive 2015.

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